Full Name
Joyce Benjamin RN; PA-C
Job Title
COO Autism FYI Org
Autism FYI Organization
Speaker Bio
Joyce Benjamin has been an RN for 45 years and a physician assistant for 32 of those years. She retired as a PA-C and now holds Emeritus status. She and her husband (Dr. James Benjamin) have two adult sons on the autism spectrum and co-founded Autism FYI Org in 2014.  AFYI 's mission is to create a safe and inclusive community for people on the autism spectrum and those persons with whom they interact. That includes law enforcement, fire and EMS, corrections, medical staff , and businesses in the communities they traverse. The best way to combat fear is with education. Fear of something you don't understand and have no experience with can cause over reactions and inappropriate actions. This can escalate a situation that might have been avoided.  AFYI's courses are meant to educate and alleviate fear, thereby creating a safer environment and community.