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Shannon Robinson MD
Job Title
Health Management Associates
Speaker Bio
Shannon Robinson, M.D. is board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Robinson served as the first Chief of Addiction Service for California Correctional Healthcare Services where she was the champion change management agent while initiating Medications for Addiction Treatment within primary care, assisting with the enhancement of evidence-based prevention interventions, psychosocial treatment and person-centered care throughout California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, along with enhancing transitions of care, including ensuring continuity of care upon release from incarceration.

She was the Director of the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program at the San Diego, Veterans Administration (VA) where she initiated Medications for Addiction Treatment, expanded assess to evidenced-based psychotherapies, and assisted with the development of the VA’s national educational materials for Alcohol Use Disorders, Opioid Use Disorders, Pain Management and Treatment of Insomnia. Dr. Robinson provided and supervised telehealth in the Veterans Administration and California Correctional Healthcare Services, where she was part of a team that greatly expanded telepsychiatry and she started the teleaddiction service.

Dr. Robinson is passionate about care of persons with addictions and has been teaching mental health, primary and specialty care, pharmacy, nursing staff, correctional staff, lawyers, judges, patients, families and lay persons for two decades. Her experience includes design, implementation, and oversight of operations for substance use disorder evaluation and treatment programs in diverse settings including emergency departments, acute and long-term care hospital programs, outpatient primary care clinics, mental health clinics, specialty addiction clinics, jails and prisons. She now works at Health Management Associates, a national healthcare consulting firm.
Shannon Robinson