Full Name
Lukas Bobak BS
Job Title
Medical Student
Case Western Reserve University
Speaker Bio
Lukas Bobak is a third year medical student at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine pursuing a career in correctional health and psychiatry. During his undergraduate career at the University of Notre Dame, he studied philosophy, political science, and economics. This line of study allowed him to explore the world of criminal justice, culminating in a research project that examined the importance of constructive relationships between correctional officers and individuals incarcerated in Norwegian prisons. After graduation, he continued his work by preparing formerly incarcerated adults to receive high school equivalency degrees at St. Leonard's Ministries in Chicago, IL. Upon arriving at medical school, he found ways to merge his love for criminal justice-involved populations and medicine. He served as a leader for both the Urban Health Student Interest Group as well as HOPE-4, which is a juvenile interventional program run by medical students with the goal of cultivating resilience and antifragility to reduce recidivism. Furthermore, he has been working for over two years with the Division of Infectious Diseases at MetroHealth Systems to improve HIV testing and education at Cuyahoga County Corrections. In June 2021, he received an Infectious Diseases Society of America GERM grant, which is awarded to emerging researchers and clinicians interested in infectious diseases and HIV. He previously presented at the NCCHC Spring Conference 2023.