Full Name
Deborah Ash RN, MBA, MSN, CCHP-RN
Job Title
CEO and Owner
Correctional Medical-Legal Consulting
Speaker Bio
Deb Ash is a master's prepared registered nurse with a master's degrees in business administration. Ms. Ash is a recognized speaker, trainer, and leader in correctional health care. She is a CCHP-RN with 14 years' experience in jail prison settings and has practiced in 19 states. A graduate of Duke University's Legal Nurse Consultant program, Ms. Ash is an expert in the field and has been called upon to provide her opinions and interpretations in deposition and trial testimony for both criminal and civil litigation cases. She is the owner and CEO of Correctional Medical-Legal Consulting (CMLC), a business established to assist facility administration in regulatory compliance and risk management. Through a consulting role, Ms. Ash assists facilities of all sizes with compliance issues and the development of site-specific, quality medical programs. Her areas of expertise include policy and procedure writing and implementation, regulatory interpretation, nursing care, training for nurses and custody staff, and continuous quality improvement programs in the correctional setting. She is also heavily experienced in the request for proposal process, reviewing and interpreting contract language for potential risks to the facility, and contract monitoring to ensure that promises made are kept.  Ms. Ash is honored to be invited back again this year and appreciates your attendance. 
Deborah Ash