Full Name
Jennifer White MSW
Job Title
Director of Health Initiatives
Fletcher Group, Rural Center of Excellence
Speaker Bio
Mrs. Jennifer White serves as director of health initiatives for Fletcher Group's Rural Center of Excellence. As an advocate for substance use disorder and marginalized and underserved populations, she holds a master's in social work and a certificate in substance use disorders from the University of Kentucky. Mrs White is also a person in long-term substance use disorder recovery since 2007. Before joining the Fletcher Group in 2019, she served several governmental agencies; most recently, Kentucky's Public Defenders Agency. In that role she assisted individuals involved with the criminal justice system with substance use or mental health challenges. Through collaboration with judges, prosecutors, probation and parole, and more, Mrs. White facilitated alternative incarceration sentences that included appropriate recovery and treatment services for adults and youth. Further, she served Kentucky's judicial court system, working with at-risk youth on diversions by facilitating multidisciplinary teams across the state to support the needs of the child and their family. As a Fletcher Group team member, she works nationally with community groups and organizations to advance the quality and capacity of recovery support services in areas that impact the health and well-being of individuals with substance use disorders and for justice-impacted individuals. Most notable is her work with the pregnant and parenting populations. These efforts focus on decreasing the rate of children and newborns affected by substance use disorders while increasing the mother-child dyad and family unification. Mrs. White also serves on the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Cabinet for Health and Family Services Advisory Committee, tasked with developing a Second Chance Pathways to Recovery pilot program to divert justice-impacted individuals with a substance use disorder to appropriate recovery services shortly after their contact with law officials.
Jennifer White