Full Name
Charde Hollins LSCSW
Job Title
CEO and Owner
Relevant Connections
Speaker Bio
Chardé Hollins is an independently licensed clinical social worker with a proven record of Making Connections that Deliver Results. She is highly regarded for her ability to gain rapport and provide innovative strategies for culturally adaptation evidence-based practices to better support persons of color. Specializing in creating safe spaces for meaningful conversations, Ms. Hollins consults with organizations committed to increasing their cultural awareness and access to behavioral health services through naturally integrating emotional wellness supports and inclusive policies into agency culture, services, and mission. Through a strategic approach, Ms. Hollins has supported a variety of agencies in evaluating DEI practices, increasing cultural competence, expanding partnerships, promoting mental health, and enhancing community presence. With over ten years of experience working with justice-involved youth and trauma-affected communities, she is trained in suicide prevention and trauma treatment. She formerly served as a grants manager, social worker in schools, health care, and corrections, in addition to an advocate for court-involved youth. Utilizing her education and diverse experiences in the workplace, Ms. Hollins uniquely integrates her skills as a clinician into developing models for engagement and delivering presentations that will last beyond the lecture.