Full Name
Jessica Blanchard LMHC, MHP
Job Title
Reentry Community Service Program Administrator
Washington State Health Care Authority
Speaker Bio
Jessica Blanchard MCP, MHP, LMHC grew up having a passion for understanding and helping individuals with mental health symptoms. After deploying to Iraq, and witnessing how important mental health treatment is, she decided to leave the military and pursue a degree in Counseling Psychology. After graduating with her master’s in counseling psychology from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Ms. Blanchard quickly went to work for a community mental health provider specializing in trauma, and simultaneously with a non-profit agency working with individuals with violent criminal history and behavioral health needs. Eventually Ms. Blanchard moved to Washington where she became involved with therapeutic interventions with individuals experiencing acute mental illness and involvement with the court. She now works with Washington State Health Care Authority, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, as the Administer for the statewide Reentry Community Service Program, designed to provide reentry and ongoing behavioral health support for individuals experiencing acute mental illness and a history of violent crimes.
Jessica Blanchard