Conference Funding Approval Tips

While the issues you face continue to grow in number and complexity, there’s no doubt that getting to a conference poses budget difficulties for many professionals in our field. Here are some ideas to get your approval on track so you can join your peers at the conference.

Focus on Cost-Effective Solutions
With every penny being scrutinized, it’s easy to demonstrate how the conference will save you money by highlighting cost-effective solutions. Focus on your goals for improvement in the coming year. How are other facilities meeting these challenges? One conversation may save you hours of research and investigation and could pay for your whole trip.

Highlight Specific Goals
Make a list of personal objectives. Include things like:
Bring back three different ideas on how to solve our ___________   problem.
Meet three people who are knowledgeable about ___________   .
Identify the two new products/services we should seriously consider in the next three months.
Go to three sessions that are outside my area so I understand the Big Picture better.

Multiply the Knowledge
Combine your newfound expertise with a department training session after the conference. Promise your supervisor that you will multiply your effectiveness by sharing new ideas and solutions with the team. Bring in a pizza for lunch while you’re training and get extra credit for building morale.

Go Cost-Effectively
Plan your budget carefully. Take advantage of the lowest available rate for the hotel through our block. Compare airlines across all travel booking sites. Remember, the conference will include two breakfasts, three lunches, all beverage breaks and a reception.

Be Prepared
Have a plan ready that shows who will cover for you and how you can manage your workload while you are away. Plan to be accessible by email and voice mail.

Need to convince yourself?
Staying in your office is an unlikely way to meet others who understand your concerns and your worries about providing cost-effective, quality health care. The NCCHC conference offers countless networking connections.