Date & Time
Monday, November 1, 2021, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
421 Executive Leadership: Creating a Vision for Constitutional Health Care*

Health care executives—including those with responsibilities in the correctional environment—perform critical functions in the textbook areas of finance, human resources, customer service, etc. But today’s successful executive must be agile, creative, empathetic, and culturally aware. With the shocks of a pandemic, national awareness of racial injustice, and increased emphasis on health care quality for the incarcerated, health systems leaders’ competency is being tested. This panel will discuss ways to meet challenges in health care quality, value-based care, standards of care, and the relationship among public health, health care quality, and social justice.

Educational Objectives:

Describe how to use common measures of health care quality and value-based care in a correctional environment

Explain how traditional areas of health care quality can synergize with social justice and reimagining corrections and incarceration

Discuss how the courts shape the standards of care in a correctional environment in comparison to those in the community

Level: Intermediate