Full Name
Gabriella Savelli
Job Title
International Director IAHV Prison Program
International Association For Human Values
Speaker Bio
Gabriella Savelli, International Director - IAHV Prison Program.  Ms Savelli became Director of the IAHV Prison Program (Stress Management & Rehabilitation Training) in 2009. She is a prison silence course pioneer, and has taught  IAHV courses to thousands nationwide, as well as internationally. In 2016, she won the Washington DC DOC "Making a Difference" George Strawn Award, and in 2018 Gabriella became the International Coordinator. She served on the Board of SELA Red Cross, and is a graduate of the Office of Victim's Assistance Leadership Program. Prior to working with IAHV, Gabriella graduated Magna Cum Laude from Edinboro University, and served as a Public Welfare caseworker for 10 years.
Gabriella Savelli