Full Name
Doyle Morrison MA
Job Title
Community Program and Integration Manager
Community Medical Services
Speaker Bio
Doyle R. Morrison has worked in behavioral health with a substance abuse focus over the last 12 years as a life coach, counselor, residential athletic director, veterans case manager, detox program manager, correctional health supervisor, outreach coordinator, and presenter/ educator. Prior to his civilian career, Doyle spent 20 years in the US Army/Army Guard becoming a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). While in the Guard, Doyle was introduced to correctional health and started working with youth in several deferment and alternative to jail programs and academies. Doyle has spent the last two years working at Community Medical Services (CMS) as the Community Programs and Integrations Manager, working with grass root, city, state, and federal organizations across southern Arizona. His focus is to develop systems and protocols and collaborate and educate correctional health programs towards ebbing the tide of the opioid epidemic.