Full Name
Antonio Fernandez
Job Title
CEO Grow Up Grow Out
Grow Up Grow Out
Speaker Bio
Mr. Antonio Fernandez was the leader of the New York chapter of the Latin Kings. He has worked directly with street organization members in DC, Newark, New York, Spain, and Ecuador to redirect their energies toward community building. He uses his life story as both a cautionary tale and a message about self-transformation. Currently, Mr. Fernandez has partnered with Clinton Lacey on a brand-new initiative called Credible Messengers. The organization focuses on serving youth charged as adults, as well as those committed to DC's juvenile justice department. He and his team of formerly incarcerated mentors work inside the institution 20 hours a day, seven days a week with the goal of helping these young people to "Grow Up, and Grow Out" of the mentality and conditions in which they find themselves.