Full Name
Kellie Meyer MA
Job Title
Kellie Meyer Training Solutions
Speaker Bio
Ms. Kellie Meyer has been the President of Kellie Meyer Training Solutions since 2011. She has developed training for jail and prison staff, law enforcement, Community Corrections, Parole, Probation, Work Release, courts, and emergency and front-line responders. This training has led to a reduction in use of force and assaults against staff by 70%. Ms. Meyer has worked extensively to bring key stakeholders together to establish CIT (Crisis Intervention Teams) in their communities. In 2010, with a team of colleagues, she developed CIT for Corrections for NIC (the National Institute of Corrections). In 2019, in partnership with the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) Kellie revamped the 40 hour curriculum. She has served as an adviser to the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) to help establish policy enhancing safety as related to mental illness.

Ms. Meyer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Theatre from Indiana State University and a Master of Arts degree in Executive Development for Public Service from Ball State University.