Date & Time
Monday, October 24, 2022, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
418 Diagnostic Maneuvers You May Have Missed in Nursing School (Part 1)

Do you use the Ottawa Ankle Criteria before getting an x-ray for trauma? Do you auscultate lungs for egophony? Do you measure the pulsus paradoxus when evaluating an asthmatic patient? Do you calculate pulse pressure from a blood pressure to evaluate dehydration? During this two-part session, participants will learn (or relearn) 15 simple but valuable bedside diagnostic techniques for pulmonary, cardiac, abdominal, and other organ system evaluations which can be useful in daily correctional nursing practice. This session will run through two one-hour consecutive time blocks. 

Educational Objectives

  • Describe the theory of 15 bedside nursing assessment maneuvers that are not commonly used but are very relevant to correctional nursing
  • Review the nursing skills involved in applying these maneuvers
  • Discuss the usefulness of these skills at the bedside or in the clinic

Level Intermediate