Full Name
Lisa Deal RN, DrPH, MPH, MSN
Job Title
Humane Prison Hospice Project
Humane Prison Hospice Project
Speaker Bio
Ms. Lisa Deal is a registered nurse and public health advocate whose passion for hospice care began with her work as a community health nurse caring for AIDS patients in Boston during the late 1980s. She became a hospice nurse for Mission Hospice and Home Care and spent nearly a decade there in clinical and leadership roles including director of palliative care, director of community outreach, chief clinical officer, and chief executive officer. As executive director at Humane Prison Hospice Project, she focuses on strategic planning, fundraising, program management, and supporting the stellar Humane Team as together they seek to ensure that those dying in prison receive compassionate end-of-life care. Ms. Deal holds a master's in nursing and a doctorate in public health.