Full Name
Kristin Hernandez RN, CCHP
Job Title
Infection Preventionist
Centurion Health
Speaker Bio
Kristin Hernandez is the Delaware statewide infection control nurse and ACA medical accreditation coordinator for Centurion with 24 years of experience in correctional care. She holds a BSN from Neumann University and is licensed in the State of Delaware as a registered nurse. She has worked with the University of Delaware to decrease disparity among HIV inmates transitioning back into the community. She was co- author of "Improvements in Correctional HIV Services: A Case Study in Delaware" published in The Journal of Correctional Health Care, March 2015. Passionate about correctional health care and its possibilities, she assists the Delaware Bureau of Healthcare, Substance Use and Mental Health with implementing new processes from intake to discharge to increase care provided to all incarcerated individuals.