Enjoy a continental breakfast while meeting others with similar concerns and challenges. The roundtable discussions offer 1 hour of CE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Roundtable Breakfast Discussions 
RT-01 Using Red-Yellow-Green Zones to Slow the Spread of Infection in Your FacilityRachel Provau - Virginia Department of Corrections
RT-02 Mindfulness Strategies for Staff Self-Care and Mental Well-BeingNicketa Coombs - Lincoln Hills School for Boys
Ann Hyndiuk - Robert Half International
RT-03 A Tale of Two Jails: Leveraging Electronic Consultation to Address Specialty Care NeedsStanley Frencher - Wise Healthcare
Sajid Ahmed - Wise Healthcare
RT-04 A Walk in Their Shoes: How Competing Priorities Affect Medical Treatment After Reentry From IncarcerationAmanda Altman - National Hepatitis Corrections Network
RT-05 Sexually Transmitted Infections: How Rising Prevalence Spurs Screening and Treatment EffortsChad Zawitz - Cermak Health Services
Aliza Machefsky - Drexel University College of Medicine
RT-06 An RN-Led Primary Care Program at an Urban Correctional Transition CenterAmy Johnson - University of Illinois
Andre Martin - Safer Foundation
Virginia Reising - University of Illinois
Charles Yingling - University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing
RT-07 Addressing The Needs of Menopausal Incarcerated WomenJuana Hutchinson-Colas - Rutgers University
Jaineel Kothari - Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Heather Turock - Harvard University Extension School
RT-08 An Affordable Approach to Care Outside of the WallsHamilton Baiden - Heritage Health Solutions
Kristin Blanchard - Heritage Health Solutions
Alisha Stottsberry - Heritage Health Solutions
Tim Urlocker - Heritage Health Solutions
RT-09 Remote Stress Management Programming for the Incarcerated and Corrections StaffGabriella Savelli - International Association For Human Values
RT-10 APRN Grand Rounds: Analysis of Complex Patient Care NeedsRenee Dahring - Centurion Health
Lori Roscoe - Correctional HealthCare Consultants
Nancy Smith - Academy of Correctional Health Professionals
RT-11 Lessons Learned From Contract Monitoring: Common Pitfalls and Areas for ImprovementBrent Gibson - National Commission on Correctional Health Care