Full Name
Nicketa Coombs PhD
Job Title
School Psychologist
Lincoln Hills School for Boys
Speaker Bio
My name is Nicketa Coombs, and I am a doctoral candidate in the APA-accredited School Psychology program at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU), and currently a doctoral psychology intern at the APA-accredited Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile correctional internship site. I have a Masters of Education, a Masters in Psychology and I will graduate with a Ph.D.  in psychology Spring 2021.  My research expertise is in the area of social justice and my dissertation research examines the effect of embedding components of an intervention assessing cultural humility, in an attempt to improve social climate, sense of belonging, and relationships, which is very similar to the proposal for this conference. I believe my training, extensive teaching and conference presentation experiences, along with my research involvements, have prepared me to be a qualified candidate for this presentation. I am excited for the opportunity to share innovative culturally responsive strategies for improved outcomes within mental health service delivery for this population.  
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Nicketa Coombs