Full Name
Mari Catherine Knight RN, MSN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A
Job Title
Policy and Accreditation Specialist
Centurion Health
Speaker Bio
Ms. Mari Knight has over 20 years of experience in correctional health. Her correctional experience includes serving as a director of nursing, health services administrator, correctional healthcare consultant, and clinical director. She has consistently developed systems, processes, and methodologies to improve patient and staff satisfaction and is well-versed with NCCHC, HIPPA, and JACHO. In addition to being a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional with a nursing specialization, she holds an advanced certification with NCCHC. She is an active NCCHC surveyor and leads teams seeking accreditation by reviewing and reporting on-site compliance with NCCHC standards. As a policy accreditation specialist with Centurion, Ms. Knight monitors and consults with programs to support compliance with NCCHC and ACA standards.