Full Name
Jessica Durbin MA
Job Title
Assistant Superintendent-Compliance Administrator
Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center
Speaker Bio
Mrs. Jessica Durbin has over ten years of experience working in criminal justice. She began her career with the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center as a youth counselor, quickly moving into the role of program coordinator and subsequently compliance coordinator. In that role she was responsible for the facility's compliance with NCCHC, state, and federal standards and regulations, including PREA. In 2016, Mrs. Durbin began working for the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts where she was a liaison between the Supreme Court of Illinois and several counties throughout the state. In 2017, she became the program manager with the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts and was charged with overseeing the implementation of evidence-based practices for all 102 counties. Mrs. Durbin returned to Peoria County to take the position of assistant superintendent/compliance administrator, where duties included oversight of NCCHC compliance for both the medical department and facility. Most recently, she has resumed a role with Peoria County Probation. Additionally, Mrs. Durbin is a Department of Justice certified PREA Auditor. She earned this certification in 2016 and since has conducted a number of audits, provided several local and statewide trainings for Illinois and provides assistance to agencies as they work toward compliance with the PREA standards.