Full Name
Reena Chakraborty PhD
Job Title
Chief of Strategic Planning and Analysis
Department of Corrections - Washington DC
Speaker Bio
Reena Chakraborty has solved real-world problems for 34 years as a highly productive analyst. She is dedicated to leadership in applying systems and process analysis to understand, improve, and transform real world systems that serve the public. Ms. Chakraborty aspires to create a world in which every human being who so desires can achieve their full human potential. She’s been at DC Department of Corrections since 2003. At the DOC, she served as a Duty Administrative Officer and as a surveillance technician. Since 2012, she has served as Chief of Strategic Planning and Analysis, where she supervises a small team and leads from the middle to provide strategic planning, decision support, analysis and assessment services.

Ms. Chakraborty earned bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering, a master’s degree in mathematics, and performed post-doctoral work in quantitative animal breeding and genetics. She served as a practitioner in residence for jails at the National Institute of Justice from September 2018 – September 2020. She authored two publications for NIJ and has co-authored nine papers (eight peer-reviewed) in various subjects during her career. Her most recent publication was a whitepaper with Rebekah Yang of the Center for Naval Analysis on using Safer C, an Agent Based Model, to understand COVID transmission in a 100-bed housing unit in a jail.
Reena Chakraborty