Date & Time
Monday, May 1, 2023, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM
105 340B Drug Pricing Program: Navigating Compliance, Maximizing Savings*

Medication costs represent a large portion of many correctional institutions' budgets. The 340B Drug Pricing Program provides a crucial opportunity for significant savings, but identifying the opportunities and navigating the compliance risks of the program can be difficult. This presentation will provide important background on the 340B program, describe key program opportunities for correctional health care providers, and carefully review best practices for achieving optimal program compliance.

Educational Objectives
  • Review the history and purpose of the 340B Drug Pricing Program
  • Describe critical legal compliance areas and best practices for compliance under the 340B program
  • Identify key opportunities to maximize medication savings and use those savings to improve health care outcomes

Level: Intermediate