Full Name
Dr. Linda Benskin PhD, RN-C
Job Title
Ferris Mfg. Corp (Makers of Polymem Wound Dressings)
Speaker Bio
Linda Benskin learned wound management from a different perspective during five years working as a nurse and teaching village health workers in a remote area of West Africa. This knowledge translates well to other challenging settings.

Dr. Benskin is an independent nurse researcher and the Clinical Research, Education, & Charity Liaison for Ferris Mfg. Corp. (makers of PolyMem dressings). She recently completed a randomized controlled trial of improvised dressings for areas of tropical developing countries where commercial materials are unobtainable. Wound infections were prevented.

Understanding the out-of-control inflammation that causes wounds to become chronic provided her a foundation for understanding the pathophysiology of severe Covid-19. Dr. Benskin’s recent paper on the relationship between vitamin D levels and Covid-19 outcomes has been cited by over 100 other author groups and is the anchor document at http://vitaminDforAll.org . Her 2021 peer-reviewed invited chapter on this topic was highlighted on several DarkHorse podcasts.
Linda Benskin