Full Name
Helen Harper-Davis AA, BS, MBA
Job Title
Lead Substance Abuse Counselor/Project Coordinator
Harris County Sheriff's Office
Speaker Bio
Helen Harper-Davis's passion for advocating for the rights and services for individuals with co-occurring disorders has led her to serve those struggling with the catastrophic disease of addiction.  Since 2002, she has worked in many capacities; as an advocate and a Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders Specialist at various agencies throughout Houston, Texas. As well, she is co-owner of an outpatient substance treatment facility.  She is a licensed chemical dependency counselor with a Master's in Business Administration, Bachelor's of Science in Human Services, and a National Certification of Addition Counseling II.  She is a member of the National Association of Addition Professional (NAADAC), the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) Houston Chapter , and the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NBACJ).  Additionally, Mrs. Davis serves on several committees throughout Harris County. Mrs. Davis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her field as she currently serves in the capacity of Program Manager and Lead Substance Abuse Counselor at Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO), the third largest county jail in the United States.  She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the HCSO Health Services Substance Abuse Program which includes the delivery of the development and implementation of the HCSO "You Can Save a Life" Campaign to distribute life saving Narcan Nasal Spray to combat overdose related deaths from opiates. HCSO's extended medication assisted treatment (MAT) providing substance abuse services to more than 3000 inmates, yearly. She plays a significant role in developing the Recovery Support Peer Training Program that is offered to inmate in the custody of Harris County Jail.  She continues to add value to the field of Human Services.