Full Name
Susan Barber
Job Title
Prison Hospice Project Director
Humane Prison Hospice Project
Speaker Bio
Susan Barber is the Director of Prison Hospice Programs for Humane Prison Hospice Project. She has workd in end of life care as an educator and a hospice volunteer coordinator for more than 30 years. Susan began this work when friends died during San Francisco's AIDS epidemic, had worked with Stephen & Ondrea Levine for more than a decade. She serves on the Advisory Boards of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care, and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation where she also curates an online Community Education program. She co facilitated a training for 10 men at San Quentin prison on Compassioante End of Life Care, and is currently working on a training program for incarcerated people at San Quentin and the Central California Women's Faciltiy.