Full Name
Sarah Biskup RN, BSN
Job Title
Registered Nurse
Doylestown Hopital
Speaker Bio
I have 8 years of experience in Corrections Nursing, during which I obtained my CCHP in 2011, and my BSN in 2013.  I have spoken at 2 NCCHC National Conferences in 2012 as well as an ACA Conference in 2014.  I have spoken at Dixon School of Nursing, my alma mater, about community health and correctional nursing.   Corrections is my passion.  Since then, I am a Nurse Leader in Care Coordination and Navigation of our Healthcare System.  I coordinate holistic patient and family care with providers, the health insurance, while educating patients on how to navigate through the American Healthcare system.  I have experience in removing barriers for vulnerable populations of patients including former inmates.   I have seen both the "outside" and the "inside," and I love it all. My Corrections experience combined with my current experience makes me ideal for providing updated innovative approaches to care.