Full Name
Jennifer Jackson RDN, EdD, LD
Job Title
Consultant Dietitian
Keystone Nutrition
Speaker Bio
Dr. Jennifer Jackson has been a registered and licensed dietitian for over 20 years, working as a correctional dietitian for 8 of these years, for her company, Keystone Nutrition. She provides nutrition assessments, develops and analyzes menus, and teaches sanitation classes for people incarcerated in prisons, jails, and juvenile detention homes. In addition, she teaches nutrition courses at (ULL), Nichols State University, Baton Rouge Community College, and Central Community College. Dr. Jackson holds an EdD in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, Master's of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Marywood University, and a Dr. Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL).  
Jennifer Jackson