Full Name
Heather Culwell
Job Title
Director of State Health Initiatives
Speaker Bio
Heather Culwell is the State Government Initiatives Director at Contexture, the umbrella organization that encompasses CORHIO and Health Current, the Arizona HIE. She is focused on the work that CORHIO maintains with the State of Colorado. This includes work with the state Public Health Department, Health Care Policy and Financing, Office of Information Technology, Office of Behavioral Health, and others. Included in this work is the Medication Consistency Program that CORHIO is participating in. Under this program, county jails have access to the Health Information Exchange’s (HIE), longitudinal health record, Patient Care 360. This access to PC360 allows the clinical providers at the jails to access information about an inmate’s health including prior diagnosis, treatment plans, etc. to better manage inmate medical care. There is also a focus on jails sending their clinical information to the HIE’s in order to establish a bi-directional connectivity for increased coordination of care.
Heather Culwell