Health care is one of your jail’s greatest cost items and likely the greatest source of risk and liability. Individuals entering jails today are sicker and have more substance abuse and mental health challenges than individuals in the community. A changing legal landscape, higher expectations, and increasing burnout and stress within the staff make jail administration harder than ever before.

Common Roles and Challenges

Staffing shortages, very ill individuals, high expectations, safety concerns, doing more with less, burnout, and dealing with difficult people are all common experiences. Custody officers, nurses, physicians, mental health professionals, supervisors, managers, and administrators all need to be on the same team.

Learning and Leading

This “silo” effect, which can occur at all levels, may result in isolation of responsibilities and an “us-vs.-them” mentality. Custody and health staff are complementary to each other, and leadership often starts with you.

AJA has teamed up with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care to offer this two-day conference. The convenient virtual format lets you learn without leaving your agency or facility. Log in from your home or office. Participate live on February 21-22 and watch additional sessions on demand or watch the whole conference on demand through March 21.

Take Your Operation to the Next Level

Engage the custody and medical team to work toward the common goal of operating the safest and most effective jail possible. 

Who Should Attend

Current and emerging leaders in custody, jail administration, correctional health care, and related professionals