Full Name
L.E. Townsend BS
Job Title
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Speaker Bio
Mr. L.E. Townsend began his career with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2004 as a Correctional Officer at the Wallace Pack Unit. He was promoted through the ranks and served as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Assistant Warden. In 2018, Mr. Townsend was promoted to Senior Warden of the Wayne Scott Unit. He subsequently served in that capacity at the Wayne Scott Unit, and was promoted to the Jester Complex. He is the Senior Warden at the Michael Unit. Mr. Townsend has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  He also served on the millennial committee, reviewing policies and procedures to assist the agency in updating outdated practices to encourage interest by a new generation in working for the agency and in the criminal justice field.
L.E. Townsend