Full Name
Lori Roscoe PhD, APRN, DNP, CCHP-RN
Job Title
Nurse Practitioner/Consultant
Correctional HealthCare Consultants
Speaker Bio
Dr. Lori Roscoe is an APRN nurse practitioner, a CCHP-RN, and the lead nurse planner for the NCCHC’s Multi-Disciplinary Education Committee. Through Correctional HealthCare Consultants LLC, Dr. Roscoe provides professional consulting services in correctional clinical operations and legal matters. She is principal of The Correctional Nurse Educator, a website that provides accredited continuing education specifically for correctional nurses. In addition, Dr. Roscoe manages and authors the correctionalnurse.net blog, and Nursing Behind the Wall, a website that provides clinical scenarios for correctional nurses to practice their clinical judgment skills.
Lori Roscoe