Full Name
Linda Benskin PhD, RN-C
Job Title
Ferris Mfg. Corp
Speaker Bio
Dr. Linda Benskin gained extensive wound management experience while providing primary care for five years in a remote, conflict-prone area of West Africa. The lack of sustainable wound management solutions in this challenging environment drove her to a deeper understanding of the basic principles and physiology underlying wound healing. Dr. Benskin emphasizes working with the body to promote healing, often with information-dense, heavily-referenced articles and presentations. She has also written a comprehensive handbook for the self-supporting village health worker training program she developed. In addition to presenting at conferences, in classrooms, in webinars, and in hospitals, she also teaches in church foyers and under mango trees. Her eager audiences have ranged from experienced surgeons to barely-literate villagers across six continents.
Linda Benskin