Full Name
Lisa Dagnello LMHC, MS
Job Title
Clinical Director
Spectrum Health System
Speaker Bio
Ms. Lisa Marie Dagnello is the corrections MAT clinical director at Spectrum Health Systems Inc. based in Massachusetts. She began her career with Spectrum in 2006 within the corrections programs contract. Ms. Dagnello has had several opportunities to work in community-based programs but returned to Spectrum in 2020 to oversee the clinical operations for the MAT contract. Within Spectrum, she has held several professional roles over the years, from frontline practitioner in a community setting to correctional divisional leader, and most recently now at the statewide leadership level. Ms. Dagnello’s blend of correctional and outpatient opioid treatment experience helped to develop appropriate clinical care for the incarcerated population receiving MAT. Lisa holds a master’s degree in counseling from Fitchburg State University and is a licensed mental health clinician and a licensed alcohol/drug counselor.