Full Name
Liz Ikiki PharmD, BSN
Job Title
Clinical Pharmacist
Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Dr. Liz Ikiki is a Clinical Pharmacist at CorrectRx Pharmacy. She is also at James T Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, DE, the largest level 5 correctional facility in Delaware where she leads the statewide Diabetes Initiative program and conducts PharmD-Offender diabetes classes. She graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University, School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, MD in 2015 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Prior to her current positions, she worked as a correctional nurse. She is a Board Certified Diabetes Manager (BC-ADM), and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education specialist (CDCES). Her nursing background as a registered nurse has been instrumental in helping her navigate different ways to provide direct patient care in corrections. She is committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care in diabetes to her patients and supporting them with their overall diabetes wellness.
Liz Ikiki