Full Name
Mari Knight RN, MSN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A
Job Title
Policy and Accreditation Specialist
Centurion Health
Speaker Bio
Ms. Mari Knight is a self-motivated RN with over 30 years of experience building and managing health care and business operations in diverse fields including corrections, hospitals, education, grant management, and home health. She has demonstrated consistent success in developing systems, processes, and methodologies to improve patient and staff satisfaction, and is well versed with NCCHC, HIPAA, and JCAHO regulatory compliance. Holding both CCHP-RN and CCHP-A credentials, Ms. Knight is an active NCCHC surveyor and leads teams for jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities seeking accreditation by reviewing and reporting on compliance with NCCHC standards. Currently, she is a policy accreditation specialist, monitoring and consulting with programs to support consistency with NCCHC and ACA standards. She has also served as an assistant professor of nursing in Virginia and New Jersey.