Full Name
Tanja Salary RN, EdD
Job Title
Juvenile Justice Nursing
Juvenile Justice Nursing-North Carolina
Speaker Bio
Dr. Tanja B. Salary has over 20 years of nursing experience and over six years in health services management in the Department of Juvenile Justice and now Faith Community Nursing. She is committed to implementing a strategic approach to achieve health equity through the elimination of disparities in social and economic determinants of health while promoting systems-level change.
Dr. Salary successfully earned an Education Doctorate in Nursing Education from Northcentral University. She is a published author who travels abroad to discuss her research and empirical knowledge about medication errors in Juvenile Justice. Her published work consists of her related coursework and dissertation topic: A Quantitative Correlational Study of Medication Administration Errors and Contributing Factors among Juveniles in a Residential Juvenile Justice Facility. In addition, Dr. Salary is an alumna of Auburn University-Montgomery (BSN) and the University of Phoenix (MSN/HE).
Tanja Salary