Full Name
Benjamin Rice JD
Job Title
Falcon Correctional and Community Services
Speaker Bio
After four years in private practice, Ben Rice began his career as a corrections attorney almost 20 years ago. Mr. Rice spent four years litigating cases on behalf of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) in California as a Deputy Attorney General. Of note, Mr. Rice was the lead attorney on three class action cases and assisted with several others. In recognition of his outstanding work, Mr. Rice was asked to join the Governor's Office of California as Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary over public safety.  After two years, Mr. Rice was recruited to become chief counsel of CDCR- the second largest prison system in the country at the time with 175,000 inmates, 65,000 employees, and 115 lawyers to manage. Nine years later, he was recruited by a private health care company to become its chief counsel, which eventually merged with another private health care company and is now the largest in correctional health care. In his last two years there, Mr. Rice helped manage California and its class cases. He has worked on roughly thirty class cases with dozens of experts and has been on hundreds of expert and plaintiff prison/jail tours. Mr. Rice recently opened up his own business as a corrections consultant to help counties avoid class cases and intends to work on these cases as an expert in the future.