Date & Time
Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM
133 Better Breathing Through Proper Inhaler Use*

Many incarcerated individuals suffer from asthma and/or COPD, and with so many inhaler devices and ingredients, inhaler therapy can be complicated - but it doesn't need to be! This talk provides a comprehensive overview of the current inhaler landscape, simplified treatment approaches to asthma and/or COPD, a review of inhaler technique, and a discussion on the use of spacers to improve therapy.

Educational Objectives

  • Review the assessment and diagnosis of asthma/COPD and how to properly stage patients
  • Discuss the management approach for asthma/COPD including various treatment options and their place in therapy
  • Describe different inhaler types, proper inhaler technique, and the different types of spacers