Full Name
Derek Navarette
Job Title
Las Animas County Jail
Speaker Bio
Sheriff Derek Navarette has served as sheriff of Las Animas County in Trinidad, Colorado since 2018. He has 25 years total in law enforcement, and of those, 23 years have been with the Las Animas County Sheriffs Office. He has been involved with the development of the Jail-to-Community Transition virtual telehealth program funded through a HRSA federal grant awarded to Health Care Partners Foundation, a Colorado non-profit organization in 2017. This program is now being enhanced and continued through the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health JBBS program.

His facility was one of the first jails in Colorado to utilize telemed and telecounseling services in 2011. He also was one of the 10 selected jails to participate with CORHIO, a Colorado HIE organization, to enhance continuity of care to the population in the jail. His jail is also one of two in Colorado to be selected for a pilot program through the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health JBBS in 2020 to demonstrate medication consistency through HIE integration for jail clients while incarcerated and upon discharge through the jail-to-community transition program, inclusive of a virtual MAT program starting within the jail systems and continuing through the transition process back into the community.
Derek Navarette