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A Review of NCCHC’s 2018 Standards for Health Services in Jails/Prisons*

Jeffrey Alvarez, MD, CCHP-P, CCHP-A, NaphCare; and Tracey Titus, RN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A, Centurion Health

Previously recorded during the 2021 Virtual Spring Conference - This seminar will review the 2018 Standards, NCCHC's recommendations for managing medical and mental health care delivery in adult correctional facilities and the foundation of its accreditation program. These editions recognize current best practices, with an emphasis on the latest changes to the standards. Whether or not your facility is accredited (or plans to be), this practical seminar will give guidance in how to implement an effective correctional health care system and demonstrate compliance with the standards. 3.5 CE credits

A Review of NCCHC’s 2015 Standards for Mental Health Services*

Sharen Barboza, PhD, CCHP-MH, Barboza Consulting

Get equipped to implement quality improvements that will lead to more efficient and effective delivery of services, better patient care, fewer adverse events, and reduced liability risk. Use this course as part of your preparation for the CCHP-MH exam. 2.5 hours of CE

The Challenge of Correctional Nursing: Compassion, Care and Calling

Becky Pinney, MSN, RN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A; Pinney Consulting Company, Denise Rahaman MBA, BSN, CCHP-A, CCHP-RN, CFG Health
Systems, and Tracey Titus, RN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A, Centurion Health

Whether you are new to correctional health care or a seasoned professional, this course will provide an overview of nursing responsibilities from intake to release and the days, or even hours, in between. The material covered will also assist candidates seeking CCHP-RN certification to prepare for the exam. 2.5 hours of CE

Continuous Quality Improvement: Strategies and Techniques to Measure Change*

Karen Riley, MBA, BSN, Centurion Health

A CQI program provides a systematic way for sites to review, monitor, and implement change. Conducting frequent process and outcome audits/studies provides staff and site leadership with a clear picture of specific areas that need improvement. 2.5 hours of CE

Foundations of a Viable Suicide Prevention Program* 

Sharen Barboza, PhD, CCHP-MH, Barboza Consulting

This seminar will provide an overview of inmate suicide and offer guiding principles for suicide prevention and critical components to developing and/or revising suicide prevention policies and practices. 2.5 hours of CE


*Eligible for APA Credit.

CE credit from these seminars is separate from the 28.75 CE hours available for the conference.