Full Name
Tracey Titus RN, CCHP-RN, CCHP-A
Job Title
Senior Director, Policy and Accreditation
Centurion Health
Speaker Bio
Ms. Tracey Titus is the senior director of policy and accreditation for Centurion, LLC. Ms. Titus has been a registered nurse for 33 years, with 30 of those spent in correctional health care. Prior to joining Centurion, she served as Vice President of Accreditation for NCCHC, where her responsibilities included overseeing the accreditation program for nearly 500 facilities nationwide and the oversight and development of the NCCHC surveyor program. In her current role, Ms. Titus oversees the policy and accreditation and continuous quality improvement team, assists in the development and review of Centurion's policies and procedures, and works in collaboration with other clinical operations staff in monitoring performance with on-site service delivery based on both contract performance indicators as well as national and state accreditation standards.
Tracey Titus