Full Name
Amanda Wallace PsyD, CCHP
Job Title
Statewide MH Director- Missouri
Centurion Health
Speaker Bio
Dr. Amanda Wallace is a licensed psychologist and the Statewide Mental Health Director for Centurion Health in Missouri. She has experience providing forensic and behavioral health services in correctional/forensic settings for more than 10 years. Dr. Wallace provides clinical supervision, oversight, and consultation for all behavioral health services provided to incarcerated individuals within the Missouri Department of Corrections. She plans, supervises, manages, and evaluates statewide and site-specific mental health programming to ensure needs for services are met, coordinated with other operations/services, follow best practices and community standards, and are consistent with contractual requirements. Prior to returning to corrections in 2022, she worked for the Veterans Administration for seven years providing behavioral health services to Veterans, supervising outpatient mental health services, and providing training to medical staff. In addition to her extensive experience in correctional mental health and staff training, Dr. Wallace has specialized training and expertise in CBT for Chronic Pain and Motivational Interviewing.