Full Name
Alandria Sellers MBA
Job Title
Program Director
The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
Speaker Bio
Ms. Alandria Sellers is the Program Director of the Community Assistance Referral Program at the Harris Center of Mental Health and IDD. She served 15 years as a civilian for the Houston Police Department in the Special Crimes and Family Violence Units. Within those 15 years of working with law enforcement, she realized that her passion was mental health in a correctional setting. In 2014, Mrs. Sellers took a leap of faith and began employment at the Harris Center of Mental Health and IDD in the Forensic department, as an Administrative Assistant. She has since worked at the Harris Center in many capacities - Program Assistant for the Jail Diversion program, Court Liaison for the 16.22 program, and then promoted to Program Manager for the 16.22 program which rapidly grew. She is now directing the administrative and programming duties of four successful programs within the Harris County jail for the Harris Center's Community Assistance Referral Program, Jail Diversion Desk, Jail In-Reach Program, and the Forensic Court Clinical Interview Unit. She remains dedicated to the forensic population and provides guidance and support to those diligently working under her management.
Alandria Sellers