Full Name
Lucas Castilleja
Job Title
Accreditation Manager
Jackson County Detention Center
Speaker Bio
Mr. Lucas Castilleja, a proud graduate of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and Kansas City native, began his criminal justice career as a part-time youth worker at a non-secure juvenile detention facility in Jackson County, Missouri. He worked in a variety of locations including both secure and non-secure detention facilities, a non-secure treatment facility, field work as a juvenile probation officer, and local public schools in a community-focused, proactive program. He values his history of starting at the first rung of the ladder before climbing the ranks to become Superintendent of the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center before accepting his current position as the Accreditation Manager of the adult detention center in Jackson County. Mr. Castilleja is committed to continuing to learn and strives to make a positive impact on the criminal justice system in his community.
Lucas Castilleja