Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care is one of the most important means of exchanging information among correctional health professionals. These guidelines will help make your presentation as effective as possible.

  • The time allotment for most sessions is one hour. Please do not go over your allotted time because it will disrupt the program schedule. Plan your talk to allow 10 minutes for questions. (Adjust accordingly if your session is more than one hour.) If you have special needs for your presentation that have not yet been accounted for, contact Toyin Alaka, director of meetings, in advance at
  • Plan to speak slowly and clearly so that everyone can understand you, especially if you discuss a topic not covered in your visual presentation materials. As a rough guideline, allow for approximately 2-3 minutes per slide. Therefore, we recommend that you plan for 12-20 slides, maximum, for a 50-minute talk. An introductory slide should show the title of your presentation, your name with credentials and your affiliation. Please use the NCCHC template.
  • Use large, well-spaced type on your slides and allow space for the border around the image. The maximum number of lines on your slide should be 8-10 lines of type that is preferably 24 point size or larger for most text and never smaller than 18 point for any text
  • To offer continuing education, NCCHC is required to keep copies of presentation materials. Also, conference attendees are entitled to receive presentation materials for every session. Therefore, you MUST send NCCHC an electronic copy of your slides by the requested deadline. NCCHC can include additional handouts for download during your session. Please send any materials to by July 2, 2021.

Your presentation will be pre-recorded.  At your scheduled time on the agenda, your presentation will begin. The facilitator will introduce you on camera for live Q&A. You will receive more detailed instructions prior to the event.

NCCHC Powerpoint template »

Speaker disclosure form »

Tips for Promoting your Presentation:

  • Share your participation on social media. Our hashtag is #ncchc

  • Update your email signature to include a message such as “Join me at the Virtual Correctional Mental Health Care Conference, July 20-21.

  • Place the conference logo on your organization’s website and/or as part of your email signature. Find it here.

  • Add the Correctional Mental Health Care Conference to your company calendar on your website.

  • Add information about the conference to your organization’s internal calendars.

  • Distribute a press release. Involve your organization’s communications team.

  • Distribute the conference program to your professional contacts.