Full Name
Victoria Key-Walker
Job Title
JJ Reentry Supervisor/R/ED
Michigan Public Health Institute
Speaker Bio
Ms. Victoria Key-Walker is a Reentry Supervisor. She came to the Michigan Public Health Institute in 2019 with a passion and commitment to the well-being of others, social justice and health equity. Before MPHI, she worked as a dental assistant for more than 30 years and then returned to the classroom to obtain her BA in Sociology Social Psychology from Western Michigan University with a minor in Social Work and Non-Profit Leadership. She has worked and volunteered in various communities throughout Michigan and in other countries, assisting underserved adults and young people. Her first assignment at MPHI was Juvenile Justice Reentry Coordination. She embraces opportunities with a solution- focused mindset, as she supervises the Reentry Coordination daily activities of both staff and clients and assists the CSO with a variety of administrative tasks. Victoria's hobbies are spending time in the sun, driving fast cars, music festivals and volunteering.