Full Name
Luis Rodriguez PsyD, CCHP
Job Title
Clinical/Forensic Psychologist
Physician Correctional
Speaker Bio
Dr. Luis Rodriguez is a graduate of the Caribbean Center for Graduate Studies (currently Albizu University), at the San Juan Campus with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a subspecialty in Advanced Professional Competence in Forensic Psychology. He has various certifications and diplomas which include the NCCHC Certified Correctional Health Professional an International Diploma in Forensic Psychopathology, Forensic Psychometrics, Forensic Neuropsychology, and Neurocriminology. He is currently pursuing an International Diploma in Neurolaw.  He is a clinical psychologist at the Correctional Medical Center and as a clinical/forensic psychologist in the Psychosocial Treatment Centers Juveniles Institution with young offenders in these centers.  He is an assistant professor in the Counseling Psychology Graduate Program at Albizu University (AU) in San Juan Campus which offers the course entitled, Neuroscience Approach to Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Behavior. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty of the Certification in Forensic Psychology of the Psy.D. Program at Albizu University which offers the course, Fundamentals of Forensic Psychology and Forensic Assessment: Criminal. He has received the Physician Correctional Corporation's Distinguished Psychology of the Year-2022 award.