Full Name
Jessica Raak PhD, LPC, MA, CCHP-MH
Job Title
Regional Mental Health Director
Speaker Bio
Dr. Jessica Raak currently works for Wellpath as a Regional Mental Health Director overseeing approximately 20 county jails. Prior to that, she worked in the State of Arizona prison system beginning in 2012. Jessica began as a mental health professional, working in a maximum security mental health program. From there, she became a contract monitor, and then eventually the mental health director at the State of Arizona's largest prison. Dr. Raak ended her time in Arizona on the regional mental health team, providing oversight to 10 state prisons. Jessica has a Master's in Clinical Counseling, is licensed as a professional counselor at the independent level, and completed her internship at William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, AL. Jessica also holds a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice.