EARLY REGISTRANTS (Agencies/Facilities)

4th Avenue Jail
Alaska Department of Corrections
Arizona Department of Corrections
Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville
Arlington County Community Services Board
Bexar County Adult Detention Center
Boyd Regional Juvenile Detention Center
Caddo Parish Sheriffs Office
Campbell County Detention Center
Chelan County Regional Justice Center
Chesterfield County Jail
Clear Creek County Jail
Colorado State Penitentiary
Connecticut Department of Corrections
Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County Corrections Mental Health Department
County of Hudson
County of Sacramento
County of Santa Clara Health System
Cuyahoga County Corrections Center
DeKalb County Jail
Delaware Department of Correction
Denton County Health Department
Denver Health
Department of Homeland Security
Deschutes County Adult Jail
Douglas County Board of Commissioners
Douglas County Department of Corrections
El Paso Service Processing Center
Essex County Sheriff's Department Correctional Facility
Etowah County Detention Center
Fairfax County Adult Detention Center
Fairfax County Sheriff's Department
Fauquier County Adult Detention Center
Federal Correctional Institution - Talladega
Flagler County Sheriff's Office
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Franklin County Corrections Center 
Franklin County Sheriff's Office
GA Dept of Juvenile Justice
Garfield County Jail
Grays Harbor County Jail
Greene County Jail
Greene County Justice Center
Greenville County Detention Center
Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center
Hampshire County Jail and House of Corrections
Hampton Community Corrections Center
Harris Health System
Hawaii Department of Corrections
Hawaii Department of Public Safety
Hennepin County Sheriff's Department
Hennepin Healthcare HCMC
ICE Health Service Corps
Idaho Department of Corrections
Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
Immigration Health Service Corps
Jackson County Detention Center

Jackson Parish Correctional Center
Johnson County Jail
Kansas Department of Corrections
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kansas Sentencing Commission
Karnes County Immigration Processing Center
Kauai Community Correctional Center
Kenton County Detention Center
Lafayette County Detention Center
Lake County Jail
LaSalle Southwest Corrections
Laurel County Correctional Center
Licking County Justice Center
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Louisiana Department of Health
Maricopa County Correctional Health Services
Medina County Correctional Facility
Metropolitan Detention Center 
Michigan Department of Corrections
Missouri Department of Corrections
Montgomery County Detention Facility
Montgomery County Jail
Multnomah County Corrections Health
Multnomah County Detention Center
North Carolina Department of Public Safety
Orange County Corrections Department
Osceola County Detention Center
Pima County Behavioral Health
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
Richwood Correctional Center
River Correctional Center
Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. - Cois M. Byrd Detention Center
Russell County Jail 
Rutgers University Correctional Health Care
Sacramento County Correctional Health Services
Salt Lake County Metro Jail
San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department
Sedgwick County Department of Corrections
Siskiyou County Jail
Siskiyou County Public Health
South Carolina Department of Corrections
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
South Carolina Dept of Juvenile Justice
State of Arizona
State of Colorado
The Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center
Torrance County Detention Facility
Towers Jail
Travis County Sheriff's Office
Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency
Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office
Ventura County Sheriffs Department
Wake County Detention Facility
Washington State Department of Corrections
Washoe County Detention Facility
West Valley Detention Center
West Virginia Department of Corrections
Winnebago County Sheriff's Dept - Corrections Facilities
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

as of March 24, 2023