CCHP: Certified Correctional Health Professional

Becoming a Certified Correctional Health Professional is the next step in your professional advancement. The CCHP credential shows your mastery of NCCHC standards and your ability to apply them to support the quality of patient care. It’s a signal to the field that you are committed to correctional health care as a career. You’ll gain credibility with colleagues with this tangible evidence of your  expertise. Learn more>>

CCHP-MH: Specialty Certification for Mental Health Professionals

Specialty certification in correctional mental health is a validation of your dedication to continuing competence and quality service delivery. Learn more>>

Please check our website for more information on other specialty certifications for physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses, and advanced.

Take the CCHP or a Specialty Exam On-Site on Saturday, July 20  

The CCHP Exam is offered in English and Spanish


CCHP Application: June 20

Exam Registration: July 3

Get ready with a Review of the Mental Health Standards Preconference Seminar on July 20   Learn More!

Mental health professionals in corrections face unique challenges.
They must provide effective, efficient care to a high acuity population while facing strict security regulations, crowded facilities and the myriad legal and public health considerations unique to this specialty.

To meet these challenges, continuing professional growth is essential.
Specialty certification provides formal recognition for practitioners who have engaged in a process of ongoing, focused and targeted professional development.

Are you eligible for a CCHP-MH?
First, applicants must have a current CCHP. CCHP-MH certification requires the completion of an application and a passing score on a two-hour, proctored, multiple-choice examination.

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All Other Specialty CCHP Exams Will Be Offered At This Event As Well

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